Failed to connect to rtsp stream (private form)

Sukwon Choi

New Member
I have sent the problematic RTSP URL via a private form a while ago.

This is h264 rtsp url that works normally on the VLC.

There seems to be nothing unusual about the codec information, but it is not working in our wcs server.

I also tried in, but still not working.

The current version in use is v.2.0.237-5.2.1877-ebffe0809c2ff7d198a158512a4804362f87bdb1



Staff member
Good day.
Seems like underscore character _ is not allowed in a host name, and there is an exception in server logs when trying to play your RTSP stream:

The stream is playing normally when using IP address returned by DNS for the host. So you should avoid underscores in host name.
As a workaround, use IP address or define a valid host name locally in the server /etc/hosts file.