How to reduce post processing of recorded file in room ?


We are using mixer to create room session(one participant) with recording enabled , after end of room session , multi-recorder___dummy.mp4 generates the multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 , however flashphoner is taking too much time to generate the mixed file. For example 30 minutes recording, it will take another 10 minutes to generate multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 file.

Is there any property to enable?
Please provide us some solution to reduce this post processing time.
Hardware Specs
2 cpu cores and 4gb RAM
We updated the configuration 8 CPU and 16Gb RAM. Please check the screenshot below. Recording duration 15mins,it took almost 4 - 5 mins to generate mixed file


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Shri Kant

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As per your suggestion, we added above suggested property in /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf/offline_mixer.json
"hasVideo": "true",
"hasAudio": "true",
"mixerDisplayStreamName": "true",
"multithreading": "true"

but it's giving below error:
Setting 'multithreading' is not found. Please check setting

As per your documentation this property added in 5.2.1089 ( )
and we are using FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1261

Please share the more details to enable this property

Shri Kant