RTSP from ip camera is not working


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Hi Flashphoner folks,

I'm try on the demo page to streaming ip camera and display in the web page. On the left menu "Streaming" , the default parameter for server is "wss://demo.flashphoner.com:8443" and the second parameter of Stream, I type my rtsp url in that textbox.

Then press button test now, there is nothing happen no video streaming and no error.

I have check my rtsp url with VLC, the streaming is working properly, could you please give me the guidance to get my rtsp streaming to work.

PS. The ip camera brand is Dahua, I'm not sure is there any concern about the brand of the camera or not.

Thanks in advance


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We checked the stream. It's H265, and seems its bitstream is not parsed correctly. We're about to fix it in ticket WCS-3704, will inform you in this topic.


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We fixed the issue in build 5.2.1584. The demo server is updated, your stream is playing successfully.

Please note that the stream has a 2K resolution and a huge bitrate (up to 6 Mbps peak), so you should play it via TCP. Set the Transport switch in Media Devices example as shown, then play the stream