Stream not playing at UAE region

Discussion in 'Web Call Server 5' started by Dhav Indian, May 14, 2019.

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    Most likely ports are blocked in Dubai region.
    1. Find a host in the Dubai region.
    2. Make TCP test from this host:
    telnet 8443
    to check if default websocket port 8443 is available
    3. Make UDP test from this host: tools#Accessorytools-nc
    make sure UDP port range [30000-32000] is reachable over UDP.

    If ports are closed you have to use TURN relay port 443 for Dubai users.
    WCS supports built-in TURN server.
    You have to configure TURN server on port 443 to serve Dubai users in such a case.

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    Thanks for quick reply
    No worry about credentials this a demo credentials for test purposes.
    I need documentation for turn configuration
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    Good day.
    Build-in TURN server setup is described here.

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