Stream record FPS problem

I am having some problems on stream recording of webm video.

A few days ago some of the recorded videos started to return 1000/1 as fps on metadata, but on reality the video have 20-30 fps (webm format), on session creating, i am using "constraints:{video:{frameRate:30},audio:true}" to limit the frame rate to 30.



Staff member
Good day.
WebRTC may change FPS depending on channel bandwidth and quality. So effective FPS may differ from value set in constraints.
Please clarify:
- what WCS build do you use?
- what data ffprobe shows for the file?
ffbprobe file.webm
- how this file is playing: are there freezes, artifacts etc?
Please also check how the stream to be recorded is playing: are there freezes, artifacts etc? Check the stream metrics. If VIDEO_NACK and VIDEO_LOST values grow, the publisher channel quality is probably bad. In this case, consider to use lower resolution/bitrate to publish, or use TCP transport:
    name: streamName,
    display: localVideo,
    transport: "TCP"