Trouble with make connect to WCS


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I use this code to make a connection to my WCS server
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 16.05.18.png

But when i run ,it always show me an error about this connect
Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 16.06.07.png

It's seem connect function didn't receive any response info from my WCS server .
( I try with another WCS server and my code work like a charm)
Any wrong with my WCS server config ?


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Good day.
Please clarify:
1. What WCS build do you use?
2. What WebSDK build do you use?
3. Is the problem reproducing in Conference example?
Please also try to update WebSDK to the latest build 2.0.212 and test Conference example (read its description here: Video Conference)


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Hi Max . Thanks for your reply.
1. I use AWS WCS with version v.2.0.209-5.2.1127
2. WebSDK version
"@flashphoner/websdk": "^2.0.212",
3.Is the problem reproducing in Conference example? ==> No problem.It's work.

4. How to update to latest build 2.0.212 in AWS WCS?


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Thanks for reply Max.
I'll test it.
and did you have any example use VueJs for joining Videochat?


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You should open web page via HTTPS for WebRTC to work in browser.
Thanks for your help Max.
I resolved it.
Just add
import * as RoomApi from '@flashphoner/websdk/src/room-module.js'
and replace Flashphoner.roomApi.connect by RoomApi.connect
It's work as normally.
I thought new version of WCS change the function of roomApi