Video loading issue


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Good day.
This may be a publisher or player channel issue, or keyframe issue.
Please clarify how do you publish a stream? What resolution and bitrate do you use?
Set the keyframe interval as we recommended in this post.
Try to check publish/playback channel quality: Publisher and player channel quality control
If the quality is BAD, try to use TCP for publishing/playback, use lower resolution/bitrate to conform the publisher/player channel.


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Here is our settings keyframe settings is 2 seconds.
Where we could see the quality is BAD?



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Seems like you're using software encoder for H264 (see 1 at your screenshot). In this case, you shoul set ultrafast preset (2) to prevent B-frames in published stream

What resolution do you publish (Video tab in Settings dialog)?
Where we could see the quality is BAD?
You should adjust server settings as shown here Server configuration. Then, restart WCS, publish the stream from OBS and play it in Media Devices example (see Testing). You should see playback quality in Player section of the page.
If the quality is BAD, or if Nack count and Packets lost values are grow, try to switch to TCP transport

If this helps, set the transport at server side:
Note that this should be checked at the same PC where video playback is not starting in Embed Player.