1. ttwin

    Offline License Activation

    Some of our servers are located in protected environment and cannot access to internet. May I know what kind of license type can be used to make offline activation. Thanks and Best Regards,
  2. V

    Flashphoner License not renewed

    Hi, We have created the Monthly subscription basic support plan, it worked until a week before. But now it is throwing license expired error. I hope the license will be renewed every month and amount will be deducted automatically. Our order id is 123523112.
  3. M

    License renewal

    Hi, I bought a one-month subscription and it got expired yesterday and now I can't able to publish any streams. I can understand due to license expiration the streams are not allowed to publish. But according to this link, it should have two days due...
  4. G

    ре-публикации WebRTC как RTMP в HTML5 страницу

    Добрый день. У меня вопрос по управлению ре-публикацией WebRTC как RTMP в HTML5 страницу Я установил у себя на сервере Web Call Server 5.2 Как я могу на своей веб странице создавать и управлять, проверять статус соединения, удалять поток для трансляции с помощью вашего rest api? Чтобы у себя...