4k resolution possible on desktop between 2 users?



I am sure this question was already asked but the forum search feature does not allow search expressions with 3 or less letters. And I do not know other expressions like "4k" or "uhd". ;)
Anyway, a friend and mine would like to have a video chat on our Windows computers in a 4k resolution. Does the WCS 5.x support this? Upload speed is good enough on both sides.

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Good day, Marc.
Yes, WCS supports 4k WebRTC streaming. The following is needed for live video chat in 4k resolution:
1. Channel bandwidth 20 Mbps and upper between publisher and server.
2. TCP transport should be used to prevent packet loss
3. For good picture quality, bitrate may need to be raised
Please read this article. It is about VR 4K streaming, but the only difference betwenn VR and not VR is a special camera and player. All the recomendations remain the same.