Can not build and run Android sample projs


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Good day.
We do not recommend to use WSL because WSL 1.0 provides no virtualization. We also do not recommend to use WSL 2 which is based on Linux kernel on Hyper-V becuase it ir really slow.
So please try to use classic VM (VirtualBox or VMWare) with Ubuntu.
By the way, you do not need Linux to build Android SDK samples, all the stack (Git, Java, Gradle, Android studio) is available on Windows natively. Just use Git Bash to run shell scripts. Also, you need to set Windows-style paths to Android NDK in file on step 4, for example:


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Thank you.
Resolve it by running shell script from Git Bash.
By the way I did not see before export.
Anyway, now can export and can run android sdk sample projects. Thanks.


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I always experiment with Android KFOR. It works, but not always the first time.
Please clarify: do you try to build Android sample applications to capture or publish stream from/to
If not, please create you own topic for new question. In this topic, Android SDK samples building on Windows 10 is discussed.
It yes, please check if (which seems to be a TV station) provides RTMP endpoints to publish or RTSP/RTMP links to play. You need such endpoints to use WCS for this case.