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I installed Flasphoner on an Ubuntu server and tried some streams. Sadly we have a latency of 4-5 seconds. The server, the camera and the client are in the same network. If I call the camera via VLC from the client, the latency is around 1 second.

Do you have any idea, where the problem could be?

Some background information:
Flashphoner is the only software running on the server (DELL PowerEdge R240 6G4X9 Xeon E-2224, 4x 3,40 GHz, 8GB Ram).
On the server is a freshly installed Ubuntu server
Only MSE,WSPlayer are working. If I use WebRTS Player I get the error “none of preferred mediaproviders available”.
I tried it on windows 10 with Firefox and Chrome.


I created an empty html file with only the code for the embedded player with WebRTC. If i start this file on my local PC everything works great and the delay is much lower. If I upload the exactly same file on my server, I get the error "none of preferred mediaproviders available".
If I call the stream from the Flasphoner Admin "Embed player" with WebRTC only it works also. Kind of strange :(
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Could you provide few screenshots?
Generally WebRTC is not working if you connect over http not https.
Try to use https everywhere. Check also browser console press F12.


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This was a typical case of "the error is in front of the screen"
With https everything works great and with WebRTC the delay is very low.