Increased CDN nodes after applying ASG Dercrease Policy


WCS Auto Scaling (Increase / Decrease) was configured in AWS. It works very well.

There is one problem.
While operating the WCS, EC2 Instances excluded by the Decrease policy are continuously displayed on Show Nodes. (Edge's Show_Nodes result)

Of course, you can delete the "UNKNOWN" node by applying CDN2.5.
But when I restart wcs I get the removed list again.
Also, unnecessary logs in server_log/flashphoner.log continue to grow.


Normally, there is only one edge, but if it increases to 50 and then returns to one, this information needs to be automatically deleted.
If it's 500, if it's 1000...

Can we improve it?
Thank you.


Staff member
Good day.
You should update all the nodes to CDN 2.5 (build 5.2.708 and later) for PASSIVE nodes removing to work.
If any node in CDN have lower version than CDN 2.5 (we see 2.4 in your list), it will remember all removed nodes.