Screen share video with mixer

Hello, I'm facing a weird behaviour of mixer: when I'm publishing a WebSDK screen share stream I can view it in the player but when adding it to mixer - nothing shows up. Any clue as to why this is happening? I'm using a built-in mixer setup.


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Good day.
Please check the screen share stream metrics using /stream/find REST API query: Stream parameters monitoring with REST API, or just play in in Medai Devices example to check a WebRTC statistics. If lost video frames and NACK counters are grow, it means the channel is not good enough to publish the screen stream (especially if this is 2K or Retina screen). In this case, set the lower resolution/bitrate via constraints.
Also, keyframe interval may be uneven (low VIDEO_K_FRAMES value). In this case, enable the FIR request at server side:
Since build 5.2.1395 you can also use a strict jitter buffer implementation: Jitter buffer and frames collection in stream published