channel quality

  1. R

    Server Crash

    Hello! This night we got a server crash and looking at logs we found only this exception from java: 00:35:20,909 ERROR TcpClient - TcpClient-/X.X.X.X:31042-pool-76-thread-1 Got exception java.lang.NullPointerException: message at...
  2. J

    Треск в звуке у участника видеоконференции

    Здравствуйте! У одного из наших участников появляется некий треск в момент проведения видеоконференции между несколькими пользователями. Могли бы уточнить с чем это может быть связано и на что обратить внимание? Пример на видео -...
  3. richard-vd

    freezes (but only when WCS output is UDP)

    My stream often freezes for a few seconds, while audio continues uninterrupted. It only happens when WCS outputs UDP, either directly using UDP WebRTC or even indirectly using the internal TURN server (in that case the only use of UDP is between TURN and WCS!). The same stream over TCP WebRTC or...
  4. J

    Stream is getting failed/disconnected

    Hi Max, suddenly our stream started getting disconnect after every minute or two, please suggest it's a prod issue 13:13:12,806 INFO WSServerHandler - WS-pool-19-thread-214 Orgign: null 13:13:12,807 WARN WSServerHandler - WS-pool-19-thread-214 Close channel [id: 0x74bb5297...
  5. R

    MCU - Blurred Image

    Hello! We are experience issues with MCU. The video images are blurred a lot of times. The incoming stream is clear, but the stream into MCU a lot of time becomes blurred and colored. Encoder priority - flashphoner.settings is VP8, H264
  6. V

    Video Hangs

    Hi there!, I´m throwing a 720p Rtsp, WCS is runing on a AWS T2 micro , we are not gonna have more than 25 subscribers. The install was working amazing fine up to a camera restart. Now the stream hangs every 5-10 sec. We are checking all the time with VLC and there the stream flows by far...