channel quality

  1. T

    webrtc client cannot view on some networks

    Config: RTSP CAM -> WCS ->WebRTC ->ios safari, On some network the same ios device can view the webrtc video, but some not. USE LTE cannot view, use some wifi can, some cannot. If i use the failed network to test on the demo page's Player, it show Failed by ICE timeout. What setting do i...
  2. S

    Stream stops automatically and re-login, how to adjust the time?

    Hello -Version: 5.2.780 (Amazon AWS) I noticed that when a stream takes a long time, it is stopped automatically. When i refresh the page ("Media Devices") i have to login again. As this is annoying (and i don't see that the stream is stopped from the "Media Devices" screen since the status...
  3. T

    Video not smooth or stopped on iOS

    Tested on on safari on iOS -> Embed player: rtsp:// The video can started, but sometime it is stopped and not smooth, but no problem on the chrome on MS Windows at the same time. What could the problem? Thanks
  4. evgeniy.mukhin


    Добрый день. На групповом созвоне возникают артефакты изображения. У среднего спикера. В основном при движении.
  5. hyuk


    Hi. I have a question about CONNECTION_QUALITY.UPDATE events. As I understand, clientFiltered is the client bitrate, and serverFilterd is the bitrate received by the server. In my opinion, serverFilterd is unconditionally lower than clientFiltered, but there are cases where it is high. Have I...
  6. D

    Фриз на изображении микшера.

    Добрый день! Иногда периодически наблюдаем вот такие фризы на общем изображении в микшере - верхняя часть изображения заливается серым на 2-3 сек: Как это можно исправить?
  7. evgeniy.mukhin

    Прерывание трансляции

    Добрый день. В продолжение темы Прерывание-трансляции-на-origin прикреплю отчет и ссылку на архив с tcpdump, содержимым iptables и отчетами с серверов edge и origin
  8. Mik

    Помогите, пожалуйста, с дигностикой черных экранов ios/safari

    Добрый день. Логи приложил. Проблемная сессия: два клиента ios и windows в 10:51 - 10:53. Windows видит IOS, но не слышит. На IOS просто черный экран.
  9. I

    Прерывание трансляции на origin

    Здравствуйте. Версия - 5.2.891 ОС-AWS Linux При воспроизведении не наблюдалось скачка показателей производительности. Высылаю файл настроек, логи в форме отчета. Во время работы нашего приложения публикуемый поток начинает показывать черный прямоугольник. Происходит во время нагрузочного...
  10. M

    Live Stream getting freeze

    Hello Max We are having a issue of live stream freeze while streaming. Is there any config settings that we can make to overcome this live stream freeze issue? Something like increasing amount of: video_incoming_buffer_size Or any thing else than can help to fix this issue?
  11. Dani

    Setting quality based on internet bandwidth

    Is there a way to change the stream quality if the internet bandwidth is good ? there is the target div dimensions, the camera resolution and the steam quality - is there a way to make a better "stream" when I know both sides has good internet connection ?
  12. S

    server not sending stats

    Hi, I've added the `outbound_video_rate_stat_send_interval=1` and inbound_video_rate_stat_send_interval=1`. It is working in my local network at home I have WCS running on a secondary laptop and I receive the quality update event in my broadcaster and player. But It does not work on my public...
  13. I

    Стабилизация потока, оптимизация качества, микширование.

    Здравствуйте. Постараюсь детально описать задачи и проблемы, которые были выявлены при тестах. Версия: 5.2.838 (тестировали на этой версии, планируется обновление) Окружение: 1 Origin, 1 Edge (автоматическое развертывание дополнительных серверов средствами AWS). CPU, RAM периодически меняются...
  14. djuka

    Automatic resolution switch

    Hi, I have set video resolution like this: video: { width: {min:320,max:640}, height: {min:240,max:480} } On mobile devices I get recordings always 640x480 even if the network is slow. Is there a possibility to automatically switch from 640x480 to 320x240 if the network is slow?
  15. djuka

    Limited FPS from mobile

    I try to use FP to record streams from mobile but from different mobile devices, I got recordings with different framerate regardless of what is set in the javascript constraints. I set 25 for frameRate but recordings have form 10 to 30. What is the purpose of frameRate property actually?
  16. smartbet

    Stream Issue

    Issue with stream end result, its cutting dropping frames mixing frames ....
  17. A

    Android SDK сокеты flashphoner

    Возможно ли использую Android SDK получить доступ к сокетам самого сервера для того чтобы можно было получать информацию о состоянии стрима?
  18. A

    Issue with low connectivity

    Hi Team, We are using Flashphoner for last several months and one common complaint from our clients is the video streaming does not work with low connectivity. Is there anything we can do to improve this experience. What are the network considerations or minimum bandwidth required to have smooth...
  19. sangsoo

    How to run ASG on Ec2 spec with more than recommended C4.large?

    Hello. EDGE Auto Scaling Test is in progress for each EC2 instance type. 1. Published in FHD CBR 2500 in OBS, and played as many times as specified in Edge without transcoding. -I used "Load testing using WebRTC pulling". 2. The CPU usage was measured at the edge. 3. 1 stream for comparison...
  20. R

    Server Crash

    Hello! This night we got a server crash and looking at logs we found only this exception from java: 00:35:20,909 ERROR TcpClient - TcpClient-/X.X.X.X:31042-pool-76-thread-1 Got exception java.lang.NullPointerException: message at...