sftp error and full path for background mixer


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Hi Guys,
I'm trying to upload file using filezilla with sftp connection; following the instruction on EC2 description I'm using ec2-user for login.

I connect correctly to the machine and I can list the contents of all the folders, but I cannot create new folders or add new files ... trying to upload a file the file is loaded and immediately after it is deleted without returning any error, if I try to create a folder blocks me due to permissions mkdir permission denied...

I want to try to work with background, watermark and layout mixer.

I'm trying to upload file in this folder:

Other question:
Following your documentation here https://docs.flashphoner.com/display/WCS52EN/Stream+mixer

If I want to specifiy a full path for background like your example:

"uri": "mixer://mixer1",
"localStreamName": "mixer1",
"watermark": "/opt/media/watermark.png",
"background": "/opt/media/background.png"

the right full path folder on server it will be like this:





it's could be possibile load an external file like

"uri": "mixer://mixer1",
"localStreamName": "mixer1",
"watermark": "/opt/media/watermark.png",
"background": "https://myserver.io/background.png"

thank you
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In order to perform file operations on the EC2 file system, you need to upload the files to the ec2 user's home directory.
Then, connect to your server via ssh, elevate with sudo, and put the files in the directories you want.
For example:
sudo cp background.png /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/conf
To specify paths for the background or watermark, you can use only local paths in the file system of your WCS server.
In this case, the URI (https://myserver.io/background.png) is not supported
More details: