Webcam Quality


We are questioned by our end customers, why VmixCall webrtc has better video quality than our systems.

What is the ideal settings for better performance of webcam streaming from browser on FlashPhoner?

Users with a bad internet connection on vmixcall still with a good picture quality and for us is totattly pixelled.

Our tests, include servers located on the same zone of our customers. And our servers are 16 Cores - 64 GB Ram - 1Gbps full duplex.


Staff member
Pixellating picture is generally caused by bitrate drops.
So if you fix bitrate management, you will probably fix issue for the poor connection users.

For example, all users have publishing resolution 640x480.
In such a case you can restrict bitrate on the server side

webrtc_sdp_min_bitrate_bps = 300000
webrtc_sdp_max_bitrate_bps = 500000
If you have a low threshold, i.e:
webrtc_sdp_min_bitrate_bps = 10000
The bitrate can fall to 10kbps and quality will be pixellated.
So to control bitrate you do not allow falling to low values.

If pixellated video is reproduced on your end, please attach chrome://webrtc-internals charts (see attached screen-shots) and report.

As an option, you can switch publishers to TCP. Some networks are overload for UDP transport and cause a lot of packets drop.
So you can try TCP transport for publishers, i.e. using Media Devices example (see option Send Video > Transport).