Maximun viewer using EC2


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Hi there.
I am developing a livestream project with about 2000 viewer.
A. I started a insatance in AWS with max properties like CPU, bandwidth my WCS server.
B. I also created another one to test my project.
I used flashphoner testing program to test maximum viewer with A. First, i presented on A, then i used B to PULL STREAM from A (set max 1000 viewer)
The problem here that i always received maximum about 300 viewers, when it reach 300 viewer, number of connecttion is lost, decrease from 300 to 1 (1 is the connection is streaming in A).
So please help me to confige it or resolve my problem.


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I configure as the link you gave me, but i still received the same result. The connection always smaller than 300 and when it reach out 300, it lost connection and down from 300 to 1 connection (1 here is streamer connection).
Please help me!


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Please check if you server conforms capacity recommedations. For 300 subscribers it should be at least 8 CPU, 16 Gb RAM. Note that testing server should be at least the same as tested one. Make sure also you've done tuning recommendations above and restarted server.