New to this, trying to stream my RTSP network feed.


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I've been following the tutorial on how to add my network camera to the stream via RTSP.

I can connect to my external rtsp link via VLC, and so can others outside my network who have tested so i know the port forwarding is working. However, when i launch the aws instance and connect through the browser i keep getting Stream failed when trying to connect.

Im able to play this link:


so i know the app works.

I think what i am missing is this part of the tutorial:

After installing, switch the server to the RTSP non-interleaved mode discussed earlier. You can do this by adding the following parameter
This setting is added to the end of the config and requires server restart:
service webcallserver restart
Therefore, we have got a non-interleaved server that accepts packets from the IP camera via UDP and then shares the stream via WebRTC (UDP).

But im unsure how to run this command on the AWS server?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Good day.
You should switch to non-interleaved mode only if stream cannot be played as interleaved. This is another case, the stream rtsp:// is played as interleaved.
Please check if you set up security group for AWS instance correctly

If this is correct, check also stream publishing in Two Way Streaming example. If it works, and RTSP stream still cannot be played, please collect a report as described here including client debug logs and send us using this link.
But im unsure how to run this command on the AWS server?
You should connect to AWS instance via SSH as like any other Linux server.