Using Flashphoner to receive calls with "standard WebRTC"


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Hi, I'm not very knowledgeable about WebRTC or Flashphoner, so please bear with me.

My company got an open source call software in C# that enables us to make WebRTC calls in Unity.

To do that, I need to fill the following information:

(and with this information, the call works)

However, when I try to use flashphoner's demo information (or our WCS 5 amazon server's information), it won't work.

I get this error:

[ERROR,WebsocketNetwork,] Websocket closed with code 1006 : An exception has occurred while receiving.
WebSocketSharpUnityMod.WebSocketException: The header of a frame cannot be read from the stream.

Isn't webrtc standard? Shouldn't I be able to stream a video with just this information (and the stream "name" which I'm also sending)? Or can I only access Flashphoner's servers through its own APIs? If you tell me it works only through the official APIs, I can at least stop trying to make it work with external software, but if it is not, and it should be streaming correctly with this parameters only, I can investigate further our source code.

The weird thing is that the other server works... I have seen in flashphoner's documentation that you start the call by creating a session, which seems like an extra step.

A simple, standard Webrtc implementation won't do?

Thank you!
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If you mean SIP calls. There is a standard SIP over Websocket and this protocol is not supported in our product

If you mean streaming. There is no "standard" WebRTC signaling implementation as I know. Though if you have a link to RFC or Draft where this standard is described, we will be able to discuss this further.

Two WebRTC peers should exchange SDPs (SDP is text session description containing IP addresses and codecs).
To exchange you need a signaling server and any transport protocol. In fact peer1 should send text message to peer2 and vice versa.

We have custom API implemented in our SDKs (Web SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK).


So to publish a stream towards WCS server or to play a stream from server you have to use Raw Websocket API messages or our official SDKs.


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I see, thank you! We're contacting our plugin provider with this information and will post here when we get the answers! I will study the SDK in the meantime.