1. A

    Unable to Publish, Failing

    Please check the following entries from the log file, we are unable to publish from one Laptop using latest chrome browser... login name is laptop Attaching the file errorlog.txt .. kindly assist...
  2. Artem

    Черный экран

    Добрый вечер! Ловим странный баг — часть пользователей видит трансляцию нормально, но большинство видит черный экран без звука. Прикладываю скриншоты консоли и webrtc internals при черном экране.
  3. M

    Is FlashPhoner a SFU server ?

    Hi, I'm working on using the Unity render Streaming Package to stream a real time feed of an application running on a server. In the documentation they say that is possible to connect to a SFU server in order to have more User connected. My question is : Can Flashphoner be used in that case...
  4. M

    Publish failed from global network

    Hi, I am facing an issue while i am accessing the server from global network. The demo page says that publish failed. I have attached properties file and log file also. From local network publish stream is established successfully. Kindly assist. Thanks MA
  5. М

    demo.flashphoner не работает в Opera

    https://demo.flashphoner.com/client2/examples/demo/streaming/two_way_streaming/two_way_streaming.html не работает в Opera (Version:70.0.3728.178 на Linux) Есть ощущение, что Опера в отличие от других браузеров пытается использовать flash, увы даже его включение не помогает начать воспроизведение.
  6. Dani

    iphone video freeze

    Hi, we're using an almost year old version of the sever/ api. the reason is that whenever we tried to upgrade - iPhone video is frozen. No issues on MAC and no issue on android. I can also confirm that the OTHER side see the "frozen" video as live - the problem looks local to iphone (trying...
  7. V

    Failed by ICE timeout

    Hi, I've installed WCS 5 in a AWS instance. Purchased the $75 monthly subscription. Added the licence to the instance. When I log on to the https://ip_address:8888 everything is fine - the two way streaming works fine. I now have created a broadcaster in another AWS instance. But when I try...
  8. A

    Failed by ICE timeout

    We have recently setup ICE server which is different from our existing WCS server. We decided to go for TURN server as web rtc was failing in some networks intermittently. When I try to create a media session with that ICE server, it times out saying failed by ICE timeout. But on the TURN server...
  9. V

    Unable to play the Webrtc stream

    Hi, I am using an FFmpeg command to push the mp4 to the flashphoner. I am using below FFmpeg command I can play the stream via VLC player using the rtmp endpoint, but when I try to play the stream using the Webrtc from Flashphoner demo player it is not working. I see this screen For...
  10. Dani

    Change session disconnection sensitivity

    we get many complaints recently about session disconnections. Is there a way to lower the threshold - so session will not disconnect with every small lag ? Thanks.
  11. M

    FlashPhoner Web Browser compatibility

    Hi Community! We are now working 2 month on a website in order to be able to stream multiple channel through a web Call Server 5. Our solution needs to be compatible with most of the last gen browser like announced by FlashPhoner. We were about to buy a full licence but we are still...
  12. T

    Security problem only on smartphones?

    Hello and thanks in advance for reading, newbie here. Of all the player options I feel more comfortable with the iframe embed because I couldn't get the other ones to work (I tried, and I recognize I must be doing something wrong). Well, currently I'm using this: <iframe...
  13. first_teoretik

    No free ports available

    При попытке пользователем получить стрим с сервера возвращается ошибка Other: No free ports available Также при просмотре потоков через веб-морду
  14. andrew.n

    Video distortion when changing RTCEAGLVideoView size

    I use 2 RTCEAGLVideoViews, one to play the remote link and one for broadcasting. When the streamers are ready, the delegate method - (void)videoView: (RTCEAGLVideoView *)videoView didChangeVideoSize: (CGSize)size; is called and I set the videoView.layer.frame properly. We have the following...
  15. M

    WebRTC Streaming issues

    Hi, I have two issues with webRTC Streaming, 1) After sometime when a stream is published, the video goes black at streaming side but at viewer side, the stream can still be viewed. Please check attached image below 2) Streaming gets disconnected automatically after 1-2 hours. I found below...
  16. M

    Error with WebRTC stream

    Hi, I am recieving following error in origin server logs ERROR BitstreamNormalizer - STUN-UDP-pool-46-thread-253 Failed to normalize SPS...
  17. I

    Нестабильная работа плеера

    Использую функцию захвата экрана с последующим выводом изображения в плеер. Захват работает стабильно, а на плеер изображение выводится от случая к случаю. При этом настройки никакие не меняю. Просто то работает, то нет.
  18. KonstantinK

    буффер на стороне клиента

    при воспроизведении потока в VLC видео идет с задержкой, но не замирает а при воспроизведении потока в HTML5 плеере видео идет без задежки, но замерает. подскажите есть ли возможность использования буфера на стороне клиента для HTML5 плеера?
  19. domi91c

    WebRTC to RTMP: Reducing latency

    I recently setup WCS5 on an AWS micro instance. My web app allows two users to have a conversation through WebRTC, and I'm sending one side of that conversation to Flashphoner to be converted in real-time to an RTMP stream, which I then feed into OBS as a Media Source. From the web app to OBS...
  20. R

    AbstractStunSocket - FScheduling-pool-44-thread-2 Can not find local candidate

    Hello! Once we attempt to add a participant to mixer / mcu, we got: 20:43:54,083 WARN AbstractStunSocket - FScheduling-pool-44-thread-2 Can not find local candidate for /X.X.X.X We are using Google Cloud.